Sports Performance Testing

Knowing your heart rate or power training zones is essential in reaching peak performance. Make this year your year and reap as much of the benefits from training you can. Lactate threshold testing will identify your aerobic zone for those long easy base building and or recovery days of which most athletes tend to overestimate. The test will also identify your lactate threshold (LT). Exceeding this threshold fatigue is rapid. Staying just below this threshold athletes can maintain efforts for hours. The closer LT is to your max heart rate, the faster and longer you can go. Training at or right below LT will push your LT closer to your maximum, thus improved performance. Why guess at what intensities you should be training at when you can actually know and be sure that all your training efforts are paying off. Tests can be done both on the treadmill and or bicycle. Tahoe Peak Endurance is mobile and can come to you, (a treadmill would need to be provided). See below for more info and or feel free to contact us.

Testing onsite at Tahoe Peak Endurance, LLC

Blood Lactate Threshold Testing

  • Blood Lactate Test – $150
  • Heart rate training zones or Power Zones
  • 1 hour consultation
  • Body Composition
  • Follow up tests – $100

Mobile Testing

  • 50 cents/mile

Body Composition

  • Skinfold test $15


  • 15% off multiple lactate tests bought up front per individual
  • 10% off a group of 3 or more