Primal Fit


currently Primal Fit is on hold

Primal Fit an ongoing bi-weekly exercise class is perfect for those looking to get Tahoe Fit for any sport, activity or for just plain fitness. (Primal Fit Personal Training is also available your place or mine)

photo 2Primal Fit   is based off the Primal Blueprint fitness philosophy.  Primal Fit will help you build endurance, muscle mass, reduce body fat, increase energy, improve strength, agility and power to weight ratio, reduce your risk of getting injured, improve insulin sensitivity and boost immune function.  Primal Fit This bi-weekly hour long class is done as a circuit with various stations that are modifiable for individual needs and fitness levels. It consists mainly of body weight type exercises, focusing on dynamic stretching, strength, agility, balance, speed, endurance, flexibility and play all in one hour. Class is set up so that you begin at an appropriate level for your fitness. Working out with this class two days a week will prepare you to get “Tahoe Fit” for any Tahoe activity.   This class is perfect for ski conditioning,  triathlon training, endurance running, and for general overall fitness.  It’s fun,  challenging and different from the same ol same ol.

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Winter Schedule and Location

Classes are now located at the Fairway Community Center  221 Fairway Drive, Tahoe City

Days:   Monday and Wednesday 4:00

(please contact Colleen prior to showing via email or cell/text  530-277-4492)


$120 /8 visits  (expires 2 months from purchase)
$18.00/Drop in fee

Summer ScheduleIMG_2054North Tahoe High School Foot ball field    

Highlands,  Tahoe City
Monday and Wednesday 4:00 till weather will not allow


$120 /8 visits
$18.00/Drop in fee     530-277-4492

I also offer personal training too!