Personal Training

Primal Fit Personal Training

Not quite the group type? Want that special personalized attention? I am offering Personal Training sessions either for individuals and or groups.   These sessions will be individualized based on your personal needs and goals.  Do not be intimidated,  I can accommodate from the least fit to the most fit.  Focus is on body weight type exercises as opposed to the typical gym and weight machine type exercises.  With the philosophy of less is more.


Colleen can come to you:   ~$65 /hr  (depends on mileage)
You come to Colleen:  $55/hr

Personal Training with a Buddy:   $75/hr  for both with $25 per additional  Buddy there after

Multiple sessions pre-paid will be discounted

 Primal Lifestyle Education  – Diet and other  Lifestyle Behaviors

I am currently in the process of becoming a Primal Blueprint Certified Expert

 “Going Primal” is a great alternative to living by Conventional Wisdom which conveys the message that we have little control over our aging process, genetic dispositions, health problems and excess body fat.  You can actually reprogram your genes for optimal health, ideal body composition and longevity.  Colleen will help educate you on how to eat, exercise and live Primally so that you can  become lean, strong, fit, healthy, happy and injury free.