Coaching Philosophy

Colleen’s Coaching

Colleen has been a USAT Level 1 coach since 2008.  She has coached athletes that range from rank beginners to more elite recreational age group athletes from sprints to Ironmans to National Age Group Championships to Olympic World Championships as well as those training for Ultra distance running races.

Colleen’s style of coaching was heavily influenced by her former Coach,  Brad Kearns a former professional triathlete.  Brad’s coaching style emphasized pursuing peak performance with a healthy balanced holistic approach.  The emphasis is on Stress and Rest and doing less.  Way too many athletes train too hard or too much.  It is not in the act of doing or training that we get fit and strong it is in act of adapting to the doing and to adapt you need to reduce the stress (rest) and allow the adaptation to take place.  The body hates stress and it will deal with it in two ways.  Either the body will adapt (if given the opportunity) or it will rebel.  To improve fitness and performance you have to push the body further than what it is used to, this is stress and then allow your body to adapt to that stress so it no longer is considered a stresser.  The body adapts to what you ask it to do if given the opportunity.  If not given the opportunity to adapt the body will rebel and make you stop doing what you are doing by making you sick or injured or unmotivated, or cause you to be burned out.

Colleen highly recommends Brad’s Breakthrough Triathlon Training (2006) which offers a healthy, balanced approach to triathlon peak performance as a must have TRI book in your library.  In fact,  all her clients are loaned the book to read as “homework.”